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Go Be Risky

I am convinced that so many people are not doing the thing they are passionate about because they are scared of creating instability in their life if they were to jump ship and do "the thing." In reality, those are the people who end up with regret and actually create massive amounts of instability mentally, and especially financially.  

I quit a great job where I was making six figures because I knew that this was a never ending cycle of me not being fully happy.  After starting a recruiting company targeting high level sales positions, I made a 180 with my company.  That leads me to starting a mobile application, HiredUp, the world's first video-only hiring app where companies and candidates can truly see each other before they ever meet.

I love sharing the process of this startup, my podcast, and other content by bringing people along for the ride of success and failure.  

Go be Risky, 

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Sick Of Suffering

Everyone told you that college would be the best four years of your life. Only instead of feeling free, you feel trapped, dealing with a slew of negative mental symptoms. You’re not alone. Millions of young adults suffer from poor mental well-being—but a healthy mind is within reach. After struggling through his first year of college, going on and off unhelpful meds, Evan York searched for an alternative cure to his psychological ailments. What he discovered was that a healthy brain and physical wellness are inexorably linked. In Sick of Suffering, he explores underlying causes to common mental symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, OCD, and intrusive thoughts. He also shows readers how they can heal themselves through a combination of diet, supplements, exercise, sleep, and therapy. It’s time to stop fighting your symptoms. Take steps to cure them, and discover how good these years truly can be.